When UHURU bought SODA from a KIOSK have you ever wondered why that Mere act Trended? If a teacher earns it improves lives of Kenyans. In fact what a teacher earns reaches the poor. May it be to their shops, your credit limit is extended if you are his customer, he uses the bodabodas, contributes more in village harambee and Funerals He will even employ more laborers, drinks more in the local pub which you visits once a year, he installs electricity and the poles pass on your farm – your mum can charge her phone to talk to you, he tops up the balance for that sick old grandma to buy medicine… When we’re you there last? Hope the 1Kg sugar you left still lasts, etc . A Teacher won’t relocate like the way Your age mate relocated after winning the village MCA’s seat!

The Teachers salary matter is being turned into a political contest. The government claims Unions working together with opposition. It cant pay coz there’s no money.. Poor people we cheer the government. We brand Teachers heartless, selfish monsters. Government scores in propaganda and who loses? Poor people, the voting machines. Those whose children go to those public schools polling stations. Majority of politicians in Kenya don’t take their children to public schools and I propose this to be the unwritten Wanjiku’s Vetting tool. How can you lead us on something you don’t believe in!
The National Government you are cheering which cant increase the Teachers salary by 1.7 billion to over 200k teachers commits to bail one company called KQ kshs60 billion after the management stole the billions. Poor people you support the government. Majority of these poor earthlings will never board a plane in their lifetime but if the Teachers are well motivated you would have increased your chances.
When will we ever open our eyes and slay this neo- colonialism dragon? The rich have at most 2 kids, the poor a dozen and votes. The political class counts you as votes! They will do all what they can to make sure you remain poor. Embezzle Health funds so you can attend their private clinics start Propaganda about Nurses and all class of workers whose improved welfare can trickle to the common Mwananchi. But the saddest thing… They always use you as a voter, as a CDF committee to stamp on their loot! You blind loyalty to cheer them and further their agendas. ‪#‎OpenYourEyes‬


This is My view . Respect it,Correct it,Enrich it and Give me your View too.


In a rape case, the victim reports the perpetrator to a police station. After being booked one proceeds to a recognized hospital or The Government Doctor within 72 hours for forensic evidence to be collected. It’s highly advisable not to take a shower among other requirements. If there are any witnesses they are expected to swear under oath and the case proceeds. Many are thus wondering why the police cannot locate either a victim or the perpetrator and yet they spot a DL which expired yesterday a kilometer away.

No victim has surfaced and the one who has surfaced her OB is not even stamped! She is said to have reported after the 72 Hours and the evidence had been tampered with. How can the police now charge whomever? Being accused by The Media with evidence that the state is not aware of? Then those with the Media can oppress those who can’t afford. Did the Media orchestrate the evil? It’s wrong to take a video of a patient without his/her consent, fail to report to the Police and taking all that time for the Media looking for witnesses while may be more damage was taking place.

Setting up a camera in another person residence without his consent with an aim of capturing a moment without his consent too is a violation of his right. Again this can be interpreted as consensual to one party for whatsoever reasons. The video evidence admissible in a court of law should come from a CCTV or Video surveillance. CCTV is used to transmit signal /Video to a specific place on a limited number of monitors. They are required to operate under The Country or County laws. The Detectives are the only legal entity who can verify the authenticity and not a TV station for admissibility in a court of law.

Neither The Doctors, Nurses, Clinical Officer’s Boards can claim to have registered Mugo Wa Wairimu. The Prestige Clinics have valid license from The Licensing board too. They are registered under James Mugo Nduati. If the victim claims she was raped by the owner of Prestige at Prestige the Presiding Judge will end up setting Mugo Wa Wairimu free and order the police to go and look for James Mugo Nduati.

But did the  said woman feel raped? Third party judgment is not sufficient. In the Famous Movie, “50 Shades Of Gray” the lady had planned with the guy to be tied, whipped and the guy to do whatever he will feel like with her. To many this could look as rape too. We need to hear from the horse mouth. Otherwise since the Victim remains anonymous whoever would claim to be the lady in the clip and confesses she wasn’t being raped that’s her fetishism will make RMS cry all the way from the bank.

Having only one Medical Lawyer in Kenya, The twenty minutes clip will trying to explain to us a lot. I.e. How long it takes to sedate a patient before action starts and proof that’s the exact drugs swallowed, whether a sedated patient can manage to maintain Lithotomy (Legs apart, knees bent) position under anesthesia.

Now who is suing who, Medical Boards have disowned him, licensing bodies claims all licenses are valid. It remains only Mugo Wa Wairimu vrs RMS! Let me grab some popcorn as events unfold. We should hold prayer meeting like what guys did on Sunday for WSR.. Aren’t they facing rape allegations too? Or it’s a Personal challenge.